BrandBrief FAQs

  • What Is BrandBrief?

    BrandBrief is a marketplace connecting brands and agencies with social media influencers. Brands post a campaign brief invite to the BrandBrief influencer app.

    Influencers browse briefs and create sample posts for the brands with products, places, services, artists and causes they are passionate about and choose a fee they would charge to share that content with their audience.

    Brands approve only the posts they want to buy. Once a post is purchased, the influencer is notified and they then share that post with thousands or millions of followers on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

  • What Is a BrandBrief Influencer?

    An influencer on BrandBrief is defined as someone who has more than 1,000 (real) followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Their job is to expand minds, tastes and styles, helping people discover stuff they will love. An influencer is more than a follower count—real tastemakers have a genuine engagement with their audience.

  • Who Is Behind BrandBrief?

    We’re headquartered in NYC with BB crewmembers in London, LA and Australia. We work with over 12,000 clients and are trusted by some of the largest brands and agencies in the world including including Omnicom and WPP.

For Influencers

  • How Does BrandBrief Work for Influencers?

    Download the BrandBrief iOS app and browse campaign invites from brands. (You can select your areas of interest and influence to be notified when relevant campaigns are launched.)

    Campaigns can be for a product, place, service, artist or cause. Brands explain their campaign objectives and provide either content or guidelines and inspiration for the type of content they are seeking, which may include specific hashtags or location tags.

    If you’re on board with a campaign, create an engaging social media post within BrandBrief and name your price. Brands review both influencers’ submissions and social media feeds, and purchase posts they feel will best amplify their message.

  • What Happens When My Submission Is Approved?

    This is the fun bit. Publish the post to your social media account exactly as it was approved by the brand. You will need to keep the post at the very top of your feed for a minimum of five hours and it must stay live for at least 30 days before your 80% commission is made. (Temporary posts must remain live for 24 hours.)

  • How Much Will I Get Paid?

    You name your fee when you create and submit each post. To help, we’ve done some research and included a guide rate card within the app.

    We recommend starting low and increasing your fee as you build a track record of successful posts with high engagement.

    Brands are allowed to negotiate on the asking price of a submission. But only accept an offer if you feel comfortable!

    You keep 80% of your sales. For example, if you sell a post for $250, your commission is $200.

  • When Do I Get Paid?

    BrandBrief automatically checks that your post remains live and exactly as it was when approved by the brand for 30 days (or 24 hours for temporary posts). Payments are made within seven working days of these checkpoints.

  • Will I Get Brands' Products?

    BrandBrief is all about authentic advocacy of products, places and services you already love, and events, artists and causes you are genuinely interested in. Unless there are unique circumstances (e.g. the product is yet to be released) brands will not send you products.

For Brands

  • How Does BrandBrief Work for My Brand?

    BrandBrief is a platform for inviting social media influencers to create and share content featuring your brand with their friends and followers. It’s a simple, cost-effective, measurable way to drive brand awareness, engagement, lead generation and sales.

    We promote creative, imaginative and purposefully-made products that our influencers are proud to share.

    BrandBrief influencers are advocates in one or more categories such as Beauty & Anti-Aging, Fashion & Athleisure, Food & Nutrition, Gyms & Spas, and Wellness Tourism.

  • What Is a BrandBrief Campaign?

    A Brandbrief Campaign is an invitation for social media influencers to create sample posts that you can review.

    There’s no cost to launch a campaign. Our campaign builder guides you through the process of describing your objectives and selecting the demographics, genres and location of the influencers you want to invite to create submissions. You can also include hashtag, location tag, or timing requirements.

    We’ll send you updates as submissions from influencers arrive. You can browse the submissions from your campaign dashboard and click to buy a post you want shared. We’ll let the influencer know it’s good to go and they will share it with their audience exactly as you requested.

  • How Do I Measure My Campaign's Success?

    After posts in your campaign have been live for 30 days, we’ll send you a custom report that shows the performance of each post and engagement metrics.

    We can also help link your campaign with resources like Google Analytics, Instagram Business Tools, or promo codes to track your increase in website views, social media follows, or sales.

  • Is There a Service Fee from BrandBrief for Each Post?

    Yes, it’s 20%. If you buy a post for $100, we’ll add a 20% service fee so you’ll be charged $120. The exact fee will be displayed against each submission so you know exactly what the total cost is upfront.

    When you set your budget in the campaign builder, we’ll keep track of your spend along the way so you know how you’re going against budget.

  • Is BrandBrief Also Useful for Social Media and PR Agencies?

    Indeed! PR and Marketing Agencies use us as a single platform to manage multiple campaigns for their clients.